Privacy Statement

In order for you to receive support from the ESF funded Project, Agile Nation 2, Chwarae Teg are required to collect information from you. All fields are mandatory unless otherwise stated. All information you provide will be stored and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have a right to access the data Chwarae Teg holds about you and to correct the information in the future. For a copy of the information held, please contact in writing Lorna Virgo, Chwarae Teg, Anchor Court, Keen Road, Cardiff, CF24 5JW – to request details.

Proof of identity will be required but on production of same, the information will be forwarded within the statutory 40 day.

For further information visit

This privacy notice sets out how the information will be used and who will have access to it.

The information collected will be sent to the Welsh Government/Welsh European Funding Office and in some instances to parties working on their behalf, and used in the following ways:

  • To fulfil the reporting requirements of the European Commission for European Social Fund projects.
  • To monitor and report on the number of people taking part in projects and the number of people from different groups being supported (e.g. different ages, genders and ethnicities).
  • By the Welsh Government and other public bodies, to carry out the funding, planning, monitoring and inspection of learning, and to produce statistical publications.
  • By approved social research organisations, to carry out research, analysis or equal opportunities monitoring.
  • By auditors.
  • To link your data from this form to other data sources for the purpose of evaluating the impact the project has had on the people who took part.

Research organisations will only contact a sample of individuals.

If you are contacted to take part in any research/evaluation about your experience on the project the purpose of the interview or survey will be explained to you and you will be given the option to say yes or no to taking part.

Your contact details will only be used for approved research purposes and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The research organisations will delete your contact details once this approved research is complete.

Details sent to WEFO will be held securely by WEFO for the lifetime of the Programme and only used for audit and research purposes. Following the end of the Programme lifetime these details will be kept in secure storage for 10 years in accordance with WEFO guidance.

Data Protection Statement

Chwarae Teg is required to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to how we handle any personal data we obtain from you.

Any personal information we gather will only be used in the context of the learning and development programme delivered by us and undertaken by you.

The information given will be entered and/or used to update records held by Chwarae Teg on paper and computer. Personal information comprises names, titles, addresses, equality information, nationality and other contact data.

Chwarae Teg will use the information for the purposes of monitoring the Agile Nation 2 Project, for passing onto the project funders and any contractor acting on their behalf for the purposes of audit, research and evaluation regarding financial support from the structural funds, for the audit of project statistics and for use by Chwarae Teg in its research.

It will not be sent or sold to a third party.

I confirm that I understand that this programme is funded by the EU with ESF funds and that all information given is correct.

If you would like a copy of the statement in Welsh please contact us on


Datganiad Preifatrwydd

Er mwyn i chi dderbyn cymorth gan y Prosiect a ariennir gan Gronfa Gymdeithasol Ewrop, Cenedl Hyblyg 2, mae'n ofynnol i Chwarae Teg i gasglu gwybodaeth oddi wrthych. Mae pob maes yn orfodol oni nodir yn wahanol. Bydd yr holl wybodaeth a roddwch yn cael ei gadw a'i ddefnyddio yn unol â'r Ddeddf Diogelu Data.

Os hoffech gael copi o’r datganiad yn y Gymraeg cysylltwch â ni ar