Tamara Herne

“Tammy was part of our very first cohort and we wanted to share her success with you and hope it encourage others to reach for their dreams..."

Firstly, I just want to thank you for all your help and fantastic coaching that helped me greatly with the ILM Level 2 course. You have inspired me through the whole process.


As a result of the Chwarae Teg Programme, I have built my confidence levels in many ways. Within my company I improved my leadership skills by training others in a smarter way- such as understanding people’s needs, reflecting and giving feedback as well as the use of delegating. I received great feedback from team members and managers.  I was then responsible for taking ideas to meetings with senior management, changing processes for the better and given the responsibility to interview and recruit new starters to the department.

Chwarae Teg encouraged me to see beyond the now and helped me see the bigger picture in my career. I decided to job shadow accountants for a period of time as this was the journey I thought I wanted to take. Following this, I realised that this was not for me and what I really wanted was to work with people.

With the support from Chwarae Teg, I took the plunge to apply for a new role - Executive Officer for the Department of Work and Pensions. I used evidence from my Chwarae Teg journey within the interview process, which I believe helped me get the job.

Since the course, my annual salary has increased by over £5000 and will continue to do so by 5% each year for the next 3 years. Not only did Chwarae Teg help me increase my salary but I have moved from a company and position at risk to a permanent contract within a stable organisation.

I am now in a management role, where I manage myself, working with people from all different backgrounds and coaching them into taking steps to move them closer to employment.

I am now going onto further accreditation courses recognised by City & Guilds in “Operational Delivery” and “Managing the Delivery of Services to Customers”.

In the near future I will be working towards managing a team using all this experience.  Now I will always be looking to progress and develop myself as much as possible.

A new, happier me!

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