Sam’s Experience

“The programme has given me the confidence to strive for more. It was much more than just another work course for me and I can’t believe how far I have come”.

The programme was highly beneficial because I was in an environment with people experiencing similar situations to me. Before the programme, I would regularly attend meetings and just take notes as that is all I thought I was capable of doing.


Through being pushed out of my comfort zone and having to lead discussions using flipcharts during some of the programme sessions, I am now far more confident about voicing my opinion during meetings.

I am even leading company investigations which is just incredible when I consider how little confidence I had before. I’m happier and eager to continue learning and increasing my confidence.

Before starting the Women's Career Development Programme, Sam was working part-time for Grow Enterprise Wales on a temporary contact. New to the organisation and lacking in confidence, Sam embarked on the programme with some trepidation.

However, since completing the programme, Sam has gone from strength to strength; securing a permanent contract, giving birth to twins, re-entering the workplace and developing her skills by enrolling on a HR qualification.

Sam never imagined that the skills she had learned on the programme could lead her to where she is today.

The once self-confessed shy woman is now comfortable making presentations in front of her peers and has proactively enrolled on the CIPD HR Level 3 qualification – something she would never have considered possible four years ago.

How we helped.

Sam embraced the programme even though she knew it would push her outside of her comfort zone. This was necessary in order to highlight the skills she already had but wasn’t using to their full potential.

At the practical sessions, her confidence grew with each task and she was promoted to a full-time, permanent HR Assistant role prior to going on maternity leave.

This required her to manage the day-to-day HR enquiries of the organisation’s 200 staff members as well as having involvement in the recruitment process and disciplinary cases.

Sam added:

Through the programme and sharing experiences with others, I’ve been able to build my confidence and enhance my professional experiences. Ascent has helped me draw on the untapped skills I already had and this has given me the boost I needed to continue progressing even after taking a maternity break.

Embarking on the CIPD qualification was a natural progression following the Ascent programme but it is still a huge achievement in itself as it requires me to travel and attend classes on my own which four years ago would have left me apprehensive.

I’m hopeful that the accreditation will open new doors by enabling me to secure a full-time role once again, and I am looking to progress to a more senior role.

Without the skills I learned on Ascent I don’t think my career would have progressed as much as it has.

It has taught me effective ways of prioritising my workload and has given me the confidence to take on more challenging tasks at work and show what I am capable of.

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