Mica Allwood - Agile Nation 2 Participant

Mica's Story

Throughout my time studying, at school and university, career development and women’s equality were topics that have inspired me for both academic and personal reasons. The talk of glass ceilings and more importantly the shattering of these barriers have risen in popularity as a topic, as companies strive to get more women in the board room and in management positions. These topics in particular have fuelled my ambition to pursue a career in management within the next 5 years


In my previous role as a Commercial Mortgage Executive at Target Group I had the opportunity to work with a number of empowered and esteemed women across the organisation. Their ability to develop their staff and drive performance made me even more determined to become a successful businesswoman myself and to gain the knowledge and skills to one day manage a team. After having a career development discussion with my manager and discussing the possibly of the obtaining accreditation for leadership and management, Chwarae Teg was the best suited course for me.

My initial meeting with my People Development Partner [PDP] was a ‘Getting To Know You’ session. This session was extremely valuable in helping me to identify my long and short term career goals. It also enabled me to begin identifying my strengths and weaknesses as well as my current skill sets and preferred learning style.

Since completing the programme I have changed my career path, leading to greater responsibility within my role and have received a significant salary increase by over £5,000. With the help of the Women's Programme, and through my company and manager seeing my potential, I am now in a career that I would never have had the confidence to apply for previously and I am being mentored to apply for a further promotion in the near future.

Completing and engaging in the learning content has enabled me to develop my communication and presentation skills which are something I now use to help with the onboarding of new employees into the business and embedding the companies values and behaviours and also supporting a smooth transition into the organisation.

The highlight of the course was getting the opportunity to work with strong, determined and like-minded women who wanted to develop themselves and also encourage each other to succeed. I received endless support from my group and Tara Williams [PDP], they were there whenever I needed additional encouragement or assistance.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and participating in this programme may seem daunting, but it has really helped me and other likeminded women to take control over their career path by following practical and realistic goals, to enable the development of skills and confidence required for a better future.

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