Vicky Bushell.

Vicky is the HR Manager at the Llandudno Bay Hotel, and she wanted to introduce management training to the business to support the new and growing hotel group.

Upon finding out about the Career Development Programme for Women, Vicky was impressed by what the Programme offered in terms of an accredited qualification, mentoring and skills development.

After seeing what the Programme could offer Vicky decided to apply for herself and was thrilled when her application was accepted, as she would be on the same learning journey as her colleagues who had already been accepted onto the programme.

What has been your impression of the programme so far?

— Right from the very beginning the professionalism of Chwarae Teg was great, even down to the training materials.

I have just completed the ILM element of the Agile Nation 2 Programme, and have found the training to be engaging, varied, and fun, it has already made an impact on me and I have taken lots back to the workplace.

Attendance on the accredited learning in terms of time away from the workplace is realistic and well-spaced out.

The course delivery is engaging, and Krista Powell-Edwards our PDP was fantastic.

The programme allows you to network with other professionals, and Chwarae Teg ensures it caters for all types of learners, and are extremely diverse in their approach in terms of being inclusive to all.

As an HR professional I fully embrace learning and development, and think it should be a continuous cycle, which never ends.

This programme exceeded my expectations on all levels, in that I wanted to develop the skills of my team and being a part of this programme myself has also made me swot up on my own understanding on the importance of applying the various different theories of management and applying it into a work environment.

I am looking forward to the milkshake elements of Agile Nation 2 and the extended training programmes available. For me personally I also think the possibility of a mentor would be great, as we learn so much from the experience of others.

Would you recommend the course to others?

— I have already recommended the training to both new colleagues and friends in business, because I truly believe this is a great initiative for the woman of Wales, it’s all about stretching yourself and what you can become if you put your mind to it, Chwarae Teg can support you in achieving this, and believing in yourself.

Agile Nation 2 is ideal if you are looking to develop your skills and start progressing towards your first managerial or supervisory role. What are you waiting for? Call us today, 0300 365 0445.