Rhiannon Harty.

Rhiannon is Fleet Co-ordinator at Graig Ship Management and started Chwarae Teg's Career Development Programme in February 2016.

We caught up with Rhiannon to find about out why she chose to take part in Agile Nation 2, and her experience so far.

What have you gained from the project so far, Rhiannon?

— My course doesn’t start until February, but meeting up with my mentors1 has helped me to focus on what I want and where I would realistically like to be in the future.

I’ve taken the information learned from them and started looking at goals for my career path. But... I also learned I’m not as good at time management as I thought!

Spending extra hours in the office to complete work shouldn’t be the rule, as opposed to the exception. The insight I gained has already started to lead to a better work-life balance.

What made you join the Agile Nation 2 project?

— One of my colleagues recommended that I apply, as they thought I might benefit from meeting up with other women who work in male dominated industries.

Also, it’s a way of adding something to my CV that shows I’m looking to progress my career.

Finally, would you recommend the project to others and why?

— Yes, I learned so much just from my initial meetings with my mentors that I would recommend the course to everyone, it’s amazing the difference a different perspective can make.

We’ll be catching up with Rhiannon after her first day of taking part in the Programme and look forward to sharing her experiences with you, so be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates and check in regularly to our blog to see the difference Chwarae Teg support can make to your own career development.

1. Where Rhiannon is referring to her mentor this is, Jane Baker Roberts, her Chwarae Teg People Development Partner, who will be delivering the Career Development Programme.

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