The Programme is fully funded by the European Social Fund and Welsh Government, and available to women who:

  1. Are currently employed and work or live in Wales
  2. Work in the priate or third/voluntary sector (Public sector employees are not eligible
  3. Current role is not funded by any other European programme

If you have any questions, please email us on or call on 0300 365 0445.

What's involved in the application?

  • Check your Eligibility

    We'll ask you to fill out a short form to check your eligibility for the programme. In the event you are not eligible for the Agile Nation2 Women's Programme, we encourage you to remain a Chwarae Teg Friend as there may be other programmes for which you are eligible.

  • Submit an Application

    If you appear eligible we’ll ask you to complete the application form. We'll ask you for your personal details so that we can meet your preferences in terms of location, language and any special adjustments for programme participation that you may require.

  • Tips:
    If at any time during completion you are unsure of any of the questions, please contact us on 0300 365 0445.  On average it will take between 15 to 20 minutes to complete the forms. Once commencing the forms you do not have to finish in one session; you may return at any time and take up where you left off.

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