Pia managing director Sharon Williams

Pia is a Cwmbran-based printing company specialising in accessible communications including Braille and large print.

Established in 1985, Pia translates documents for the visually impaired for a diverse client base including government and public bodies, banks and universities.


The biggest obstacle we faced surrounded the sensitive nature of our work. We handle confidential documents on behalf of our customers, which made it difficult for people to take material off-site and work from home.

The aim was to have a transparent remote working policy in place that will allow us to comply with legislation, keep our staff motivated and produce results for our clients as efficiently as possible.

By making these changes, we are now maximising remote working opportunities wherever possible and accommodating members of staff with caring responsibilities.

Why Agile Nation?

Pia’s employees are predominantly female and many have caring responsibilities outside of work. Managing director Sharon Williams was eager to improve the organisation’s remote working plans and implement solutions that would make it easier for staff to work both at home and on the move.

It also wanted to improve motivation levels and encourage a mentoring culture.

Success to date.

Pia received support to improve its flexible working arrangements by establishing the IT infrastructure necessary to facilitate home working.

By helping the team to achieve a healthier work-life balance, the business saw a number of benefits; namely team members being happy to take on extra responsibility.

Pia also gave staff the opportunity to take part in the Ascent training programme to develop their skills and aid their professional development.

This included Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited training designed to improve management skills, confidence in the workplace, time management and the ability to motivate other team members.

Team members are now much happier and more confident, which has resulted in a noticeable improvement in the mentoring of new colleagues.

Learn more about PIA’s participation with the Agile Nation project in this 2-minute video on YouTube.

This case study is from our first Agile Nation project, you can find out more about its successes and achievements by visiting the Agile Nation 1 website.