Danni Watts-Jones, Director, DWJ Wealth Management Ltd.

Neath-based Celtic Financial Planning, has over 60 years of experience providing financial solutions to local businesses and individuals.

Why it worked

“The whole process was not only interesting, but empowering. It helped me better understand the ways other businesses work and gave me a clear overview of how to implement flexible working in my own workplace.”


I now feel equipped to take Celtic Financial Planning forward as DWJ Management Ltd which will be a flexible and diverse business. With staff more engaged, they are much more willing to go the extra mile for clients and we see this as being the main thing that will drive our growth going forward.

Why Agile Nation?

The management team had ambitious plans to grow the business, and knew that they needed to work on staff engagement and motivation in order to achieve those goals.

After embarking on the Evolve programme two years ago, it was noted that the organisation’s flexible working policies and procedures would benefit from a refresh in a bid to become a more agile workplace, whilst boosting morale and productivity across the board.

Success to date.

Celtic Financial Planning introduced a series of questionnaires to monitor staff opinions. Using these insights, the firm decided to develop a number of new policies and procedures, focused on enhancing the work life balance and empowerment of staff.

By encouraging flexible working through the implementation of new policies, the organisation is reaping the benefits of happier, more productive and confident employees.

Celtic Financial Planning was subsequently awarded the Chwarae Teg Exemplar Employer Award and since receiving the prestigious recognition, the business has received £80,000 worth of additional turnover through new business referrals.

By getting the basics right internally, and ultimately improving its external reputation, the organisation has now launched a dedicated wealth management service called DWJ Wealth Management Ltd, something that it says wouldn’t have been possible before the Evolve programme.

This case study is from our first Agile Nation project, you can find out more about its successes and achievements by visiting the Agile Nation 1 website.