Although Agile Nation 2 is a brand new project it shares many similarities with our first Agile Nation project.

Here employers from the first Agile Nation Evolve programme share how taking part benefited them.


"I’m Emma. I work for Wolfestone and I am the HR manager. We’re based here in Swansea and I’ve been working for the company for almost five years now. I initially met somebody from Chwarae Teg at a networking event. We were invited to attend a workshop on equality and diversity."


"The aim was to have a transparent remote working policy in place that will allow us to comply with legislation, keep our staff motivated and produce results for our clients as efficiently as possible."

Celtic Financial Planning

"The whole process was not only interesting, but empowering. It helped me better understand the ways other businesses work and gave me a clear overview of how to implement flexible working in my own workplace."